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Welcome to the Web site for the Oakville Conservative Electoral District Association (EDA).

We have just come through one of the longest and hard-fought election campaigns in recent history. Unfortunately, we did not receive the result we were hoping for here in Oakville.

Terence Young represented Oakville as Member of Parliament since October, 2008. During this time he accomplished a lot for Oakville and Canada: ensuring infrastructure funding, giving Oakville a strong voice on the national stage, introducing the biggest change to Canada’s drug safety laws in 50 years and stopping the placement of cell phone towers near homes and schools. Terence truly put Oakville front and centre in Ottawa and managed to ‘Get Things Done for Oakville.’

We offer our sincere thanks to Terence for his service as our Member of Parliament and our Conservative Party of Canada Candidate of Record.

We also offer a huge thank-you to all of the volunteers that helped with our local campaign. Without all of you answering phones, installing signs, canvassing and dropping literature, we could not have made the local election as close as it was. Thank-you all!

But it is now time to refocus, rebuild and prepare for the next election. We hope you will continue to engage with us and offer support as we go forward. Stay tuned for details about the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race.


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